Ballroom & Latin American


With the beauty & elegance of ballroom and the energy & passion of Latin American revived in recent years with Strictly Come Dancing, these two styles have become increasingly popular. Whether you wish to learn dance as a pastime to share with your partner, to engage in social activities and events or even to take exams and enter the world of competition dancing, Vibez has it all.

Ballroom dancing has developed hugely over time and continues to do so...try your hand (or feet) at learning to waltz, experiencing the tango, twirling through Viennese Waltz, gliding in the foxtrot or hopping through the quickstep and become your very own Fred and Ginger!

Latin in contrast picks up the pace with the sharp cha cha, rhythmical samba, expressive paso doble and energy filled jive before slowing down the pace with a romantic rumba.

Our classes range from complete beginner through to improver, intermediate and advanced so have no worries. We welcome all levels, abilities and both couples and solos are encouraged to come along!

For information on practice sessions, training days and competitive workshops check out the Competitive Corner



11.00-12.00pm  Adults Improvers 

12.00-1.00pm    Adults Beginners



8.30-9.30pm    Teens Class 11 - 19 years

8:45-10:15pm  Ballroom & Latin Rehearsal

(ONLINE BOOKING ONLY- Limited spaces)


4.30-5.00pm    Under 8s

5.00-6.00pm    8-15 years

6.00-7.00pm   Open Technique Class

7.00-8.00pm     Adult Beginners

8.00-9.00pm     Adult Improvers

9.00-10.00pm   Adult Advanced


5.00-6.00pm     Children's Silver/Gold Class

8.00-9.30pm    Ballroom & Latin Squad Training

7.30-9.30pm    Woodley Sequence Club



9:15 -10:00am    Ballroom & Latin Under 10s

10:00-10.45am   Ballroom & Latin Kidz Up to Bronze

10:45-11:30am   Kidz Advanced Class




4:00pm - 5:00pm    Adults Beginners

5:00pm - 6:00pm    Adults Improvers

Private Lessons


One to one tuition is available with our professionals, Monday to Sunday, by appointment only. Contact us to book a slot today!


Vibez Kidz


45 Minute Class   £5pp

1 Hour Class         £5pp

Practice                 £5pp


1 Hour Class         £7.50pp

Practice                 £5pp

Sequence             Contact Woodley Sequence                                             Club

Private Lessons

Richard/Morgan:   1 Hour          £45 

Associate:               1 Hour          £35-£40


Want to know more? Contact us:


Vibez - 0118 9691290

Woodley Sequence Club