Vibez Dance Studios COVID Guidance


COVID cases have continued to be high in the area of the studio and we continue to keep everyone safe and healthy. The studios will continue to be ventilated and on going cleaning protocols in place.

Procedures in place:

  • Make sure you have booked into your class each week

  • Keep space from others where possible

  • Washing hands or using the sanitisers on entry to the Studio.

  • For larger events at the studio please take a LFT before attending


All the latest guidance and procedures can be found on our website below.

Your safety comes first...

To ensure the safety of our staff and customers, please follow the signage in the studio.

Mother and Daughter

Although the UK government has removed many of the COVID 19 restrictions, to continue to reduce the spread of the COVID 19 virus across clients and around people attending the studio we would ask, 

  • You have booked into your class each week

  • Keep space where possible

  • And remember Wash those hands for COVID and other viruses