Street & Commercial Dance


A st reet dance is a dance style that evolved in any available open space such as streets, dance parties, parks, and nightclubs. The term is used to describe many different styles of dance in an urban context.

Commercial dance refers to dancing performed in pop artist live shows, music videos and movies.

There are many different styles of dance that can be worked into the commercial category, such as hip hop, jazz, locking, popping, breakdancing, krumping, and more.

Sometimes, you will find uncommon styles worked into this style but most commonly it is ‘street dance’.

Commercial dance is a super fun style of dance to learn, very upbeat and entertaining. These classes are a great way of keeping fit and boosting self confidence whilst having fun!


Break Dance Crew


4.30-5.15pm  URBAN STYLEZ Mini Street (3-8yrs) 

5.15-6.15pm  URBAN STYLEZ Junior Crew *INVITE ONLY*

6.15-7.00pm  URBAN STYLEZ Youth Street (9-12yrs)

7.00-7.45pm  URBAN STYLEZ Youth Street (13-15yrs)

7.45-8.30pm  URBAN STYLEZ Adult Street (16yrs+)

4.45-5.45pm. Ana Street (4-8yrs)

5.45-6.45pm  Ana Street (9-15yrs)

6.45-7.45pm. Ana Adult (16+)

7.45-8.45pm  Louisa SASS Class



4.30-5.30pm  URBAN STYLEZ Mini Crew  (invitation)

5.30-6.15pm  URBAN STYLEZ Mini Street (3-8yrs)

6.15-7.30pm  URBAN STYLEZ Youth Crew (invitation)

6.15-7.00pm  URBAN STYLEZ Breakdance (7yrs+)

7.00-7.45pm  URBAN STYLEZ Youth Street (9-15yrs)

7.45-8.45pm  URBAN STYLEZ Adult Street (16yrs+)

4.45-5.45pm. Ana Street (4-8yrs)


9.20-10.00am     BPD Company Mini Pop

10:00-10:40am   BPD Company Junior Pop

10:45-11:25am   BPD Company Inter Pop


11.45-12.30pm  URBAN STYLEZ Mini Street (3-8yrs)

12.30-1.15pm    URBAN STYLEZ Junior Street(9-15yrs)



7.30-9.30pm  SWAGOUT



Ana -

Urban Stylez - 07799 004749

Bronia BPD Classes - 07970 747259 or