Wedding Dances

You only get one chance at your first dance!

  • Are you nervous about your first dance together?

  • Are you worried you will fall over or look silly?

  • Do you think you have got two left feet?

  • Do you want such an important part of your Wedding Day to be forgotten by you and your guests?

  • Would you like to amaze your guests with something they would not expect?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions, we can definitely help you.

Regardless of whether or not you have ever danced before, we can give you the confidence you need to make your first dance stress free.

Our service is tailored to meet your requirements and we can be as simple or creative as you wish.

You may just want to feel comfortable dancing in front of your family and friends or you may prefer to choreograph a routine to the music of your choice.

Whatever your needs, our aim is to give you the confidence so you can relax and actually enjoy your first dance as a married couple.

Bronze First Dance Wedding Package:


A 45 min lesson which includes music selection, a basic first dance for your special day.


Silver First Dance Wedding Package:


Three 45 min lessons which include music selection, and a simple choreographed first dance to music.

Gold First Dance Wedding Package:


Five 45 min lessons which include music selection, and a choreographed first dance to music.